According to calculations, today the approximate chances of winning the jackpot in the 6 out of 49 format lottery reach 1 in 14 million. Ideally, if the draws are held every week and the ticket price is only $ 1, it is required to spend at least $ 1,000 on the lottery every weekend for 270 years. And the prize is guaranteed.

By the way, the chances of winning the Olympic Games and getting an Oscar are 1 in 650,000 and 1 in 12 thousand, respectively. But why are lotteries not losing their relevance and popularity? Human nature is such that our brain is biased optimistically, therefore, often, you ignore the chances of winning, do not look at real numbers, but chase ghostly opportunities.

Which game is worth the candle?

The first and most important thing that a person who wants to make money on gambling should have is to play more profitable gambling. In particular, we are talking about the maximum level of theoretical payback. It is also required to give preference to games that will match not only your wallet, but also skill. Choosing between roulette and poker and having no skills in the latter – take roulette.

Note that video slots often return more than 98% of user bets, while in the lottery this figure rarely exceeds 50%.

In pursuit of jackpot, it makes sense to play a slot machine, the software for which was written by a well-known company with a cumulative jackpot. Thus, making 1 spin for 1 dollar per week, you are like playing the lottery, but at the same time, you can claim not only the jackpot, but other payments as well.

Summing up

If gambling is not just entertainment for you, approach gambling with maximum responsibility, having studied what is called the materiel. At stake you always have not virtual chips, but real money that you have earned often not in the easiest way.

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